PROFIS design software for modular support systems

Hilti PROFIS Installation software for modular support systems

Our PROFIS Installation software helps assess channel loading for a wide range of installation applications.

It comes with sophisticated 3D images and evaluates the best Hilti connectors and channels for your build. It’s also quick to use.

We have two levels of PROFIS Installation software:

  • The simple designer contains channel design, template design and fixed-point modules.
  • The expert designer contains 3D design and seismic template design modules.

Simpler Designer Modules

Channel design module

  • Calculate all installation channels or brackets
  • Simple click and input functionality
  • Find the most economical channel or bracket from our Hilti portfolio


Template design module

  • Pre-designed template database for all channel systems
  • Simple click and input functionality
  • Get a static report on how to use our Hilti connectors and channels


Fixed-point module

  • Calculate expansion solutions: bending arm, U-bend, axial expansion joint
  • Find the most economical Hilti fixed-point solution
  • Get a bill of material including installation instructions

Expert Designer Modules

3D design module

  • 3D static system modelling and analysis
  • Customized design
  • Get a static report on how to use our Hilti connectors and channels


Seismic template design

  • Pre-designed template database for seismic applications including how to use seismic installation parts
  • Includes calculation and load cases based on seismic codes

Extensive BIM/CAD Library

BIM/CAD Library

  • Use our extensive library of BIM/CAD images
  • Export BIM/CAD images easily to other design platforms

More information on our BIM page


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